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We make the process easy to enable clients to feel more comfortable and begin treatment faster. The first step is to call Recovery Options, which is our partner company. Recovery Options will connect you with a counselor to learn about your history of substance abuse, psychological health and medical background. Counselors also facilitate the process by helping with insurance and payment options.

Some clients need medical detoxification before beginning treatment at Pacific Hills. If necessary, clients can undergo their necessary detoxification programs at one of our affiliated clinics, where physicians will supervise their withdrawal from substances. Clients will receive medications as necessary to mitigate withdrawal symptoms. Next, our staff members evaluate clients to evaluate their current status and needs. We customize a course of treatment and are then able to begin the main program.

Among the first steps of recovery is the recognition of denial. Clients are assisted in this by our team members. Other early steps include identifying emotional and psychological barriers that could slow recovery. In group and individual sessions, we work with clients to uncover concerns such as uncontrolled anger, past or current abuse, gender confusion, strained relationships and other possible stressors. The process is individualized, since each client has a unique background and situation.

In keeping with our conviction that a spiritual foundation is necessary for successful and lasting recovery, Pacific Hills staff emphasize the development or strengthening of client relationships with God, without affecting the ways in which clients perceive God to be. The Christian 12 Step program is a non-denominational approach that centers on Christ. The Traditional 12 Step program does not name a specific god, but rather encourages clients to develop spiritual relationships for God as they understand Him to be. This is basis for the 12 Step program used in Alcoholics Anonymous.

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