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The Transitional Care program at Pacific Hills is for clients who have successful finished the four or six week Residential Inpatient program. It begins after the development of a long-term strategy for recovery of sobriety as the result of collaboration between individuals and case managers. In the Transitional Care Program, treatment continues. Clients are in a supportive environment that maintains some of the structure of the inpatient program, although less rigidity. The environment remains free from drug and alcohol and triggers for their use, allowing clients to experience additional weeks in a clean environment. Clients make firmer plans for their new lives in sobriety and continue to explore their own psychological and mental issues.

The Transitional Care program includes half-day courses to supplement what clients learned in their Residential Inpatient programs. The lessons improve understanding of patients’ addictions and co-existing conditions. Additionally, they guide clients in deepening their spirituality, which is fundamental in the Christian and Traditional 12 Step programs to recovery. Clients re-examine their former lifestyles and set goals for the future as they develop their tools for a healthy life in sobriety. They also prepare to recognize and head off relapse.

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