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Can residential inpatients receive alcohol and drug treatment at Pacific Hills?

Yes! We offer inpatient treatment for alcohol and drug abuse in programs that last for at least four weeks. For decades, researchers and the medical community have known about the benefits of treatment for those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. Our treatment can help drug and alcohol addicts to improve their attitudes, convictions and actions related to dependency.

Client evaluation is the first phase of treatment at Pacific Hills when clients enter our programs. Our skilled professionals assess medical, psychological and emotional states. If clients have coexisting addictions or disorders, we refer them to physicians. Upon further evaluation, physicians may determine the need for additional medical treatment for conditions such as anxiety, depression and schizophrenia. Treatment can include prescription medications to manage conditions.

When needed, clients meet with psychiatrists for treatment for psychological and psychiatric disorders that may be occurring together with drug or alcohol addiction. At the same time, residential inpatient clients receive their treatment for drug and alcohol addictions.

Pacific Hills offers a clean atmosphere without drugs and alcohol. Clients can benefit from a change in their environment to a place free from drugs and alcohol. This can be very different from their current or previous surroundings and social settings that can exacerbate addictive behaviors.

Clients learn life and personal skills throughout the therapeutic residential inpatient program. We help them identify and cope with unsafe situations that are likely to cause them to relapse back into addictive habits and away from their new sober lifestyles. Educational lessons on coping strategies teach patients how to adapt to threatening situations and act accordingly to protect their health and sobriety. Through our lessons, clients come to understand that addictions are brain diseases that lead to poor behavior choices. Treatment must begin immediately and continue for the long term to be effective.

Upon finishing the four-week Residential Inpatient program, clients may continue their drug and alcohol addiction treatment in a transitional program, which lasts for another four weeks. The program is less rigid than the inpatient program, but still structured enough to provide an atmosphere of stability and sobriety. Before discharge from our facilities, clients and case managers collaborate to develop long-term strategies for relapse prevention.

The entire process begins by contacting us. Call Pacific Hills to find out about our Residential Inpatient programs for drug and alcohol abuse treatment.

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