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Cocaine Addiction Treatments

Cocaine addiction can seem like an unsurmountable physical and psychological challenge, but Pacific Hills Treatment Centers, Inc., can help lessen the load. Contact us today to find out the steps towards beating your cocaine addiction and again living a free and healthy life. Our treatment programs can get you off of cocaine and help you make a clean start in a productive life.

Beating Your Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine use can go beyond emotional cravings and develop into a strong physical addiction. The consequences can be powerful and dangerous. Snorting is the most common method of cocaine use, and this method can make you lose your smell, have nosebleeds and become hoarse chronically. Symptoms then progress beyond these early signs.

Symptoms can develop into these more serious concerns.

  • Racing heart and rapid breathing
  • Spread of infectious diseases, such as HIV/AIDS, through risky behaviors and poor judgement
  • Heart attacks or strokes
  • Abdominal pain, nausea and other gastrointestinal symptoms

We are always ready to assist when you are ready to free yourself of a drug addiction.

Our Treatment Process

At Pacific Hills, the cocaine addiction program is a personalized treatment plan that considers your individual needs and situation. Cocaine addiction interferes with your entire life, from your career to your family and other relationships. We recognize the holistic support that you need to break free from your addiction and rebuild your life free from the chains of addiction. To be more effective, our professionals work with you to resolve underlying emotional and psychological issues that can be contributing to a cocaine addiction.

Early in drug rehab, we help clients recognize and overcome denial, thus opening the path to a complete and sustained recovery. Our programs are based in the strength of a spiritual relationship with God, however the individual chooses to perceive of God. We offer a non-denominational Christian 12-Step program and an alternative Traditional 12 Step program for clients to choose. Both are based in spiritual beliefs, and both can be effective for recovering from cocaine addiction.

Struggling with cocaine addiction alone can feel hopeless, but you do not have to! Let us help you find the path to a drug-free life by calling us today!

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