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Co-Occurring Disorders

Co-occurding disorders are common among those who are trying to overcome drug and alcohol abuse. Such disorders may have contributed to the initial development of the addiction, or may have developed as the addiction deepened. Some of the common co-existing psychological conditions that clients may have include depression, anxiety attacks, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder. The caring staff members at Pacific Hills are trained to recognize these disorders while being aware that each client may have his or her own set of co-occurring disorders. A psychological and physical assessment is among the first items of business when clients are admitted to Pacific Hills. The evaluation allows staff members to develop and implement an individualized program for each client that addresses the clients’ needs both regarding overcoming addiction and treating co-occurring disorders.

Psychiatric Assessment and Individual Psychotherapy

At Pacific Hills, we know the seriousness of psychiatric and emotional disorders. When needed, we refer clients to a psychiatrist who can oversee clients who are on psychotropic medications or who may need them or other treatment. Psychiatrists may prescribe psychotropic medications at the time of admission to Pacific Hills because these medicines can aid clients in completing treatment for addiction while reducing potential interference caused by co-occurring disorders. Clients continue to be monitored for their progress while on psychotropic medications, and doses and regimens are changed as needed.


Clients who are part of the Residential Inpatient program or the non-residential Day program can opt to meet with a professional psychotherapist once per week. Clients can benefit from these weekly meetings because of the strategies they can learn. Also, these therapy sessions can assist clients in feeling more supported and motivated, as well as having a clearer vision of the behaviors and emotions that they need to address.

The Road to Health Begins at Pacific Hills

Having an addiction to drugs or alcohol in addition to having one or more co-occurring disorders can be daunting, but we can help you overcome them. The road to recovery can start with a phone call today. Speak with one of our knowledgeable counselors to learn about your best options for the holistic treatment you need and deserve. We have decades of experience helping clients overcome drug and alcohol abuse together with co-occurring disorders, allowing clients to lead healthy lives in sobriety.

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