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Clients can choose from our two separate programs, although both programs are based on spiritual strength and a relationship with God, however the individual may understand God to be as explained in the Alcoholics Anonymous program. Our Christian 12 Step program is non-denominational but centered on Christ. Our Traditional 12 Step program encourages clients to seek God and a relationship with God en route to recovery. We place faith that clients will find God in a timely manner to aid in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

Alcoholics Anonymous uses a 12 Step program to apply religious convictions to the practical use of recovering from alcohol abuse. The Christian 12 Step program at Pacific Hills accepts the need for a relationship with God while recovering from addiction as an unwavering truth. Based on the scriptures, our programs include group and individual counseling and therapy from Christian men and women who have recovered from their own addictions.

If they prefer, clients can opt for the Traditional 12 Step program, which is not based on Christ, but rather encourages a relationship with God as clients perceive God to be. Clients may switch programs at any time during the rehab treatment process. Group treatment focusing on medical and physical aspects of addiction and recovery include members of both treatment programs. Group treatment focusing on life after recovery, psychotherapy and spiritual aspects is separate.

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