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Drug and alcohol addictions are diseases of the mind, body, and spirit. We treat clients with chemical dependencies with the same dignity and respect that any ill person deserves. With the proper treatment, Pacific Hills believes that we can help rid clients of their dependencies, thus allowing them to rejoin society and rebuild family and work lives in sobriety.

We believe that true recover requires resolution of the client’s psychological, physical and spiritual conflicts. A holistic approach allows the client to rebuild a healthy life without dependence on alcohol, drugs or maladjusted behaviors.

Recovery from addiction is a progressive process in which the client gradually changes. Recognizing that small relapses can be inevitable, we provide follow-up care and help clients identify the signs of relapse so that they can quickly seek help and prevent more serious relapse.

We support client independence and sense of self-worth, since these virtues promote clients’ abilities to develop new, fruitful lives. The client must consciously embrace the treatment process and often seek family support and engagement. Our environment is designed to help clients make the right decisions in terms of treatment, participation and family roles.

We want each client to succeed, and have developed our treatment program with a number of strategies to meet this goal. We utilize the principles developed by Terence Gorski, M.A., a well-known author and speaker who is an expert on recover from addictions and relapse prevention.  Another example of our efforts to reach all clients is our adaptation of the structure of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. This approach is an established approach for self-help.

Finally, our programs are firmly rooted in the belief in the need for a solid spiritual foundation. Each client has a relationship with God, and this relationship can be modified and strengthened as we work to address addictions and dependencies. Whether clients opt for our Christian 12 Step program or our Traditional 12 Step program, and no matter their religious convictions, we keep the client’s relationship with God at the center of treatment and believe that recovery is possible.

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